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Sponsors may have one, two, three or four representatives depending on the level of sponsorship selected. Sponsors who provide speakers during breakout sessions are allowed to use additional personnel from the sponsor’s company on the day of the presentations; however, the extra attendee(s) will not be allowed to attend other conference functions.

PRISM is an association of approximately 100 Public Pension Funds, Organizations or Systems with the goal to:
  1. Provide a focal point for discussions on new technology affecting the retirement and IT industry.
  2. Build a network for the exchange of information among IT directors of Public Funds organizations.
  3. Develop a sense of fiduciary responsibility for IT management within the Public Funds industry.

The annual PRISM Conference attendance ranges around 250 people representing in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 member funds and about 25 to 30 sponsor companies.

Once registration has closed, the PRISM Board will provide an attendee list to the Conference sponsors. Sponsors are not allowed to pre-solicit members to attend any scheduled activity/presentations that occur during the conference other than the PRISM-scheduled 90 minute member/sponsor consultation session.
  1. One 6 to 8 foot table will be provided for each sponsor. Two chairs will also be provided on either side of the table.
  2. Each sponsor table will be equipped with a power strip.
  3. Any signage should be limited to the top of the table or something that hangs over the side.
  4. All tables will be reasonably close to each other, so there is limited space beyond the table. Large expo-type signs and booth setups are not allowed.
  5. Raffles or prize drawings are not allowed. If sponsors wish to bring giveaways, they need to bring enough for everyone and these items should be small in value as many funds cannot accept even these types of “gifts”.

Tables for the member/sponsor consultation session are not pre-assigned, with the exception of sponsors who pay for Optional Sponsorship Opportunities.  All other tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsor companies may select tables next to each other if available.

Sponsors are only allowed to participate jointly in a presentation made by a member fund.

Yes, sponsors may sponsor events during the PRISM Conference, by selecting one of the Optional Sponsorship Opportunities (alongside their annual sponsorship fee).  A sponsor may choose only one optional sponsorship opportunity to sponsor. 

  1. A .jpg logo file for the Sponsor sign.
  2. A one page Word (.doc or .docx) file with a description of your firm’s services, including biographies of the attending person(s), which will be included in the conference booklet.
  3. A single MS PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) slide with your firm’s logo and core competencies, which will be shown during the sponsor introductions.
Sponsors can ship materials to the Conference hotel in advance. Sponsors will be notified of the hotel shipping policy via a PRISM Newsletter. This will include the shipping address, earliest date that the hotel will accept shipments for the conference, labeling requirements, storage arrangements, and any associated costs. The PRISM Board is not responsible for any shipping arrangements or issues - all shipping arrangements are between the sponsor and the hotel.
Refunds will be made in accordance with the policy documented in the Sponsor Guidelines on the PRISM website, www.prism-assoc.org. As an alternative, if the registered sponsor representative cannot attend the conference, the sponsor organization may notify the PRISM Board of a substitute attendee.