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Delegates to PRISM will be appointed by the Member Fund. Such delegates should be selected from those responsible for the management of IT within the Member Fund.
Yes, staff delegates and contractual delegates. A staff delegate is an actual employee of the Member Organization or System; e.g. this individual is on that System's payroll receiving full benefits. Staff delegates will be able to attend all conference sessions, have full access to the web site including all mailing lists, have full voting rights on PRISM matters and be eligible to be elected to a position on the PRISM board. A contractual delegate is a contractual employee, or someone hired by the Member Organization or System. This delegate will be able to attend all conference sessions and have full access to the web site. However, they may not vote on PRISM matters and are not eligible to hold an office on the PRISM board. Further information regarding delegates can be found on the PRISM Bylaws page.
PRISM has a Board of Directors in place to run the organization. The Board is composed of a President, President-Elect, President Emeritus, Treasurer, Secretary and four district Directors representing Member Funds in the West, South, Central and Northeast regions. All Board members are elected by member delegates for designated terms. For more information, please see the PRISM Bylaws page.
Nominations of Staff Delegates to be elected to serve as Board members may be made by Staff Delegates only from the floor or in writing to the Secretary thirty days prior to the Annual Conference at which the elections will be held. All elections for President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary shall be by a simple majority balloted vote of the Member Funds present at the Annual Conference. All elections of Officer Directors shall be by a simple majority balloted vote of the Member Funds present at the Annual Conference from within the particular district from which the election is being conducted. Each Fund counts as one vote regardless of the number of conference attendees or PRISM members from that Fund. All Board members serve on a voluntary basis. Interested members should seek support from their Fund before running for a Board position. Many more details, including duties and responsibilities of each Board member, can be found in the PRISM Bylaws.
Yes. An Annual Conference is held, typically in the Spring, for the purpose of educating PRISM members on different technology topics, conducting elections and transacting any other such business as shall be brought before the membership. Breakout sessions are typically hosted by PRISM members. For more information about the upcoming conference, see the Conference Information page.
Presentations are strictly voluntary. After the theme is identified by the Board during the conference planning, the President-Elect sends a request to Member Funds seeking volunteers to present case studies relative to the topic/theme. In addition, Member Funds may volunteer to lead and/or facilitate topics of interest in a more informal setting than presentation style.
The secure website can be accessed by PRISM delegates from all member organizations that are registered users of the secure site, as well as registered sponsor representatives. Typically, the first person on the site enrolls as the primary contact for other members of their Fund.
  • To maintain their organization profile, including projects and RFP’s.
  • To invite other staff, including contractual delegates, to register as a user on the PRISM website.
  • To delete users that are no longer PRISM delegates for their organization.
Help in accessing the secure member area of the website, or any functions found in this area, can be obtained by e-mailing the Webmaster. Please include your name and the name of your Fund, as well as a description of the area in which you need help.